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Tabby's Coffee

Delicious, Handcrafted Beverages


Truly Great Coffee with Distinction.


Tabby's Coffee is a family-owned and operated business. We serve a superior medium roast coffee, with notes of honey and berry, from Fidalgo Coffee Roaster.   Our talented baristas craft each drink with the superior skill to create a delicious cup of coffee every time.


 At Tabby's, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide delicious hand-crafted  Hot and Iced Coffees, Lotus Energy Drinks, Teas, Frappes, Smoothies, Lemonades, and Italian Sodas.   

Our coffee shop is located within the Main Everett Library and it has seen many changes in the past ten years.  Tabby's offers a fresh, vibrant, and relaxing space, which welcomes our diverse community and provides a safe place for all while offering delicious drinks, snacks, and sandwiches at a reasonable price.




Introducing Delicious Cold Brew


Tabby's Cold Brew is high-quality coffee beans,  which are hand brewed with cold water instead of hot and have a longer steeping process. Our brew is characterized by a much lower acidic level and a heavier flavor than our hot-brewed counterparts.  


Tabby’s Cold Brew is created by our own 

baristas with Fidalgo's exclusive Cold Brew that perfectly ground to bring out the best flavors and nuances. We use a  long steeping process; of 12-24 hours and our smaller batches create a deliciously bold, but smooth coffee beverage.

We are excited to offer Nitro Cold Brew!  Our Nitrogen infused creation gives our coffee a cascading, frothy texture. The result is a velvety-smooth coffee with a subtly creamy sweet flavor.

Iced Coffee
Tabby's proudly serves 


 At Tabby's, we pride ourselves in supporting local.   So it's not surprising that we chose a local roaster, from the Skagit Valley, Fidalgo Coffee.

 They have been roasting specialty-grade coffee since 1992. Originally starting as a small coffee house with a passion for providing the best cup of coffee.  They perfectly roasted the coffee that powers our lattes, mochas,  specialty coffees, and cold brews.

 Fidalgo's mission is to bring joy to all with quality coffee that’s good for people and the planet. As well, they are a second chance employer with its Underground Coffee Program.  You can find out more about this amazing program at and look for Making a Difference.  





More Taste

lotus logo color.jpg

Tabby's is excited to serve Lotus Energy concentrates that are made from a blend of coffee fruit (cascara), green coffee beans, super fruits, lotus flower extract, and a few other select botanicals. The majority of the ingredients are high in antioxidants and vary based on the flavor of the lotus.

Our baristas create delicious one-of-a-kind energy drinks with our quality  ingredients and your favorite flavors.  Add POWER UP,  for extra energy, equal to one 8.4 Energy Drink Can.  You can add a single, double or triple shot to your favorite Lotus Energy Drink.  


Watch for our seasonal flavored drinks and our line of Loaded Lotuses!

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Tabby's Coffee is a Proud Member of the Everett Art Walk and Art Community. 
  You can see Art around the Everett Downtown area at the various participating Venues, on the 3rd Thursday of the month.  



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The Gallery at Tabby's

Gallery at Tabby's Logo.png

The Girls are Back in Town.

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Get in Touch

2702 Hoyt Avenue

Everett, WA  98201

425 835 9501

Mon-Sat    10:00 AM - 5:00PM

Sun            Closed

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